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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Youtuber Releases Rap Music Video Exposing Chemtrails

Youtube user Jestergyallyeah has released a very cleverly-written, catchy and extremely informative music video exposing the nefarious activities of the chemtrail and geo-engineering agenda. The video can be viewed below. Please share this and write to your state senators demanding an explanation about chemtrails. Make it especially apparent that you do NOT agree with this dangerous practice and that by allowing the spraying of chemtrails to continue they are, in effect, not representing the populace, and thus need to be removed from office.

The lyrics for "The OFFICIAL Chemtrails Rap!" are as follows:

I'm a chemtrail guy and I'll tell you why, 

Look up in the sky, white streaks flying by, 

Got the time lapse so I can capture the blast, 

here's the proof for the confused noobs.

You wanna parrot puppets? it's a pie in the sky!

it's all water vapor, why would they lie?

Little ice crystals hangin out cause it's dry.

Dissipate slow so they don't realize, 

livin in a fog, like a bump on a log.

Don't you worry, spray-tech's on the job.

Keep your mind closed, not loose, on a tether. 

Which one you like, which proof is better?

Dennis Kusinnich made a mention,

In house resolution twenty nine seventy seven

BC weather modification act got repealed,

Kevan Falcone didn't want to keep it real

Modification Inc. in northern Albera, 

Seeding clouds you never hearda?

The UN in Nagoya Japan, 

in twenty 10 they said they put it to an end.

What keeps this down, in the mainstream mind?

social ridicule it makes ya blind. 

tin foil hat, haarps gonna get ya, 

it's fear based tactics tryin to affect ya.

keep ya head down while the chem rains down, 

Speak your mind, you can expect frowns.

they're sprayin from planes, 

it's gettin in your veins, 

particulate, we're antennie widgets.

Transhumanistic bioelectric physics.


Clifford Carnicom, he's got it going on, 
scientific research, down to earth, 
stop the paralysis, deductive analysis
test tubes and microbes, information explodes

fibres and samples, dying plants and animals
bio techno robot nano cannibals.

electro-control of symbio-parasites
remote control robot UAV flies.

implant the chips pollenating our brains;;
with an information drip thats so sick

it's way in the sky, why bother question?
breath it in some more, you'll learn some lessons.

bad for your health, the whole world knows,
simply not questioned, we do what we're told. 

If the elites, want to kill us all, 
they'd be killing themselves, having a ball?

They will or they won't, they got an antidote,
livin underground ,technologies to cope. 

How you like that, what you won?
Looking back now, some things you could a done?

Diet, mending, bioelectric-cleansing
living your life, tracking and trending,

It's the information, and complete control grid, 
it's what it's about, it's the way we live. 

tryin to have a rational conversation, 
all I end up with is mind manipulation 

when we're living in a futuristic nation.
of tracking and tracing and techno celebration........

take a thought for a minute as we take it to the limit.
a testament, to the human spirit. 

Is it inherent, is it to be timid, 
or to ask questions, reach wisdom discernment


Chemtrails for ever, hittin switches and levers
You think these wise guys don't modify weather?

droppin like flies, denyin the weapons
While they flyin by, whitenin the heavens

Sprayin white streaks means sunshine's decreased
why are they deprivin me of Vitamin D?

Geoengineer the planet, and life in the seas,
coming from the Government and corporate thieves

Politic-ins won't talk about the toxins
in the air we're breathin, takin it in.

The whole planets living, like a human aquarium
spraying us with this aluminum and barium

Perps out there, controlling the weather,
Chemtrail police, pa-trolling forever

Get some sun for real, so the pineal can heal. 
It's the very best way how to keep it real.

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