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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Law of Attraction – How to Attract Absolutely Everything You Wish

I am deeply grateful to the Universe for the law of attraction.

It is so easy to attract everything you wish into your life by complying with this amazing law.

The less negative thoughts you get in your head, the quicker you are able to bring your desires into manifestation.

Negative thoughts can really slow down or even cancel your desires coming into manifestation.

Therefore it is vital to get rid of your negative thinking by using meditation, for example, to prepare yourself for the law of attraction.

Once you get rid of the negative thinking, you should concentrate on clearly visualizing what you want to have, do or become. Try to visualize your desire in detail and you should spend at least 10 minutes visualizing your goal every day.

Don’t worry if you forget to visualize one day. You will not stop the manifestation process, you may just slow it down.

Once you get good at attracting things to you, you will not even need to visualize any more. I will give you more information about that later on.

When you have visualized what you want and you can bring the image of your desires to your mind at any given time, you should start looking for clues and signs of your desires coming into manifestation.

Mostly people, including me, get clues and signs, but you may also get reassurance that your desire is coming into manifestation by the feeling of assurance or by thoughts of assurance. That happens quite rarely, but you should look out for that too.

I will give you an example how the Universe responds to your wish. As at the moment of writing this article my website is very new, I did not even have a proper ‘About’ page.

I got the feedback of one visitor who wanted to find out more about me and he said that my ‘About’ page does not say anything about who I am.

Therefore I asked the Universe if I need to create a proper ‘About’ page, or should I leave it as it is (I have an audio and picture of me explaining a little bit about me anyway).

After an hour of my request I was reading one blog. I noticed that the blogger just published a new post. I started to read it and the post was about the structure of websites.

It was written in that post that it is crucial to have a good ‘About’ page because visitors want to find out who you are! This way I got the message from the Universe and created my ‘About’ page straight away.

You should always look out for clues and signs of your desire. You should state to the Universe what you want and strongly believe that the law of attraction is bringing it to you.

Another very important thing to do is to expect and be ready to receive your desires.

You cannot get anything from the Universe if you ask for something but then do not really believe that you will receive it. It does not work this way.

You have to strongly believe that you are about to receive what you want.

In fact, try to convince yourself that you already have what you want. This will give you an advantage because you will come from an abundance state of mind, rather than lack.

That may be hard to do if you are just starting off, so you should start from visualizing smaller desires.
At first it will be much easier to believe that you already possess small desires. Once you manifest them, you can move on to bigger ones because you will be more assured that your desires sent to the Universe always bring back the manifestations of them.

I know that some people give advice that you should straight away try to manifest very big goals. But that usually does not work because if you have not consciously manifested anything, you will not be able to believe that you are truly in the possession of a huge desire.

If you send a wish to the Universe but you cannot make yourself believe that you already have your desire, you will only manifest lack because you will approach the Universe with the mindset of lack. So be careful not to do that and start from small things first.

I remember my first manifestation was a cup of coffee, than mp3 player, than happiness, peace of mind and so on. It was really exciting to see how I can gradually progress from small things to bigger and bigger ones.
I cannot stress the importance of being ready to receive your desire. If you want to manifest love, for example, you cannot go about your day being grumpy. This will not resonate with your goal. You should be happy and expecting, looking to receive love.

You should completely open yourself and surrender to love. You need to entirely trust the Universe without trying to find out how love will come into your life.

Leave this job to the Universe; do not try to get involved in the manifestation process. Just trust that the universe will bring love in the most perfect and unexpected way.

During the manifestation process you should never dwell on negative thinking. It has the ability to completely mess up or even prevent you from getting the law of attraction working on your side.

Negative thinking is like a brick wall preventing you from receiving your manifestation. The more you emerge yourself into worry and thoughts of lack, the higher and thicker the wall you are building to prevent yourself from getting your desires.

Also you should try not to be impatient. It will take longer for your desire to manifest if this is your first or second time consciously applying the law of attraction.

That is completely normal because you are just getting to know the whole process of manifestation. Also, you might still have some limiting beliefs left in you, which really slow down the process of attraction. But never worry about that. Let the Universe find the best way for the manifestation to reach you.

Once you manifest one goal, some of your limiting beliefs will disappear because you will prove them wrong by getting what you want. For example, you may lose a belief that “Only by working hard you can succeed” because you will see that the opposite is true.

You should not tell anyone about what you want to manifest because some of your friends may express disbelief and that will impact you (especially at early stages). You will start doubting the whole process of the law of attraction and this way you will block yourself from the manifestation reaching you.

Also, whenever you tell about your desire to others, if it is still just in the process of manifestation, you are taking energy away from it. This leaves little energy for the manifested desire to reach you. So you may get your desire after a long time or not get it at all.

When you become good at making the law of attraction work for you, there will be no need for visualization. All you will have to do is to tell the universe (even in your mind) about what you want. Be ready and completely believe that you are receiving your manifestation, and it will come very soon.

The more you become good at consciously using the law of attraction, the less time you need to wait for your desire to manifest.

I still did not tell you the best part of this process… Once you get a proof that the law of attraction always works, you will eliminate the worst emotion that you can have - fear.

There will be no reason for you to fear anything, because you will know that only you can decide what you will experience. You are in complete control of your destiny, and as long as you do not introduce negative thoughts, nothing negative can possibly happen to you.

You will feel like you are so much loved by the universe. You will feel the love of it because of all the things it gives to you. Whatever you want, the universe is more than happy to supply you with.

Also I will tell you the biggest mistake that people make in trying to manifest their desires. They spend ten minutes visualizing their goals and being happy about it, but then they carry on with their lives being bored, disappointed or feeling helpless.

It is important to visualize your goals because it quickens the process of the law of attraction.

But the main state of mind is more important than visualization! It is illogical to think that you will receive your desire by being grumpy most of the time. You will not!

You should guard your mind the best way you can so that you would never talk, behave or think opposite to what you want the law of attraction bring to you.

If you want to manifest love in your life, you should never feel hate or boredom. If you want to manifest abundance, you should never feel or think about lack. If you want to manifest happiness, you cannot let yourself have discouraging and limiting thoughts about how hopeless or unlucky you are.

I know it might be hard not to do that if this is your current reality. But keep in mind that you created such reality because of the mistakes you made in the past. You can surely change that by changing your current state of mind.

If you live in lack, only pay attention to abundance. Even if you only see evidence of abundance by looking at plenty of flowers in the garden or many clouds in the sky. These are all signs of abundance in nature, a natural state of everything in this universe.

By looking at the manifestations of abundance you will be able to bring out the feeling of abundance in yourself that was hidden away by your thoughts of lack.

By observing abundance you will start feeling wealthy although you may still have no proof supporting that. But once you feel this way, you will start attracting external abundance in no time.


I have given you the main process, advice and warnings of applying the law of attraction. If you truly obey the law, I can guarantee that you will achieve everything you want.


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