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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Outcome of the Trayvon Martin Trial is Meant to Divide Us

The outcome of the trial was engineered with the intent to create a degree of civil unrest, so as to implement even more draconian measures of policing the populace. There are riots already taking place across the country. Let me put something in perspective:

The Department of Homeland Security recently purchased billions of rounds of ammunition as well as thousands of armored military vehicles (to be used domestically, hence "Homeland") so perhaps they anticipated that an event was to take place in the near future where such things would be needed. If people have been paying attention, they will likely have noticed that even their local police force have been pushing their budget to ridiculous ends with an emphasis on militarization in their purchases within the last few months. I try to point these things out all the time but very few choose to listen. Either way, it is happening, which is a shame. Perhaps these things have nothing at all to do with this trial in particular, who is really to say? The bottom line is that a very important aspect concerning the mass manipulation of humanity by the global elite can be found within the framework of what we are looking at here.

As far as the Trayvon Martin case is concerned, people are angry. The nation is divided. Think of a moment, if you will, of the implications. You have "two sides" playing off of each other, garnering anger at the injustice and causing people to riot in the streets. Maybe it will blow over, maybe not. The case itself isn’t the issue here — the bigger issue is that we as a nation, as humanity, are being divided under the pretense of race — one more idea of finite “identity” — while the few continue to control the many, sitting back and letting humanity, now divided, cannibalize itself. The truth is, quite simply, we are all One — the unfettered human experience — one Consciousness. If we could only learn to work together and put aside our differences, especially the government-sanctioned, society-manufactured “differences” like race, religion, political affiliation, gender, social status and so forth, we would be invincible in the face of tyranny and the Golden Age will be restored. We are spiritual beings, not black men, Muslim women, white transsexuals, gay Democrat whatevers, blah blah blahh….We are spiritual beings! We are Spirit! We are one and the same.

If we continue to define ourselves by race and gender and other ideas of identity, we will continue to be divided and the ones at the top, the global elite who profit in many ways from our division, will continue to manipulate us. They will continue to create instances in which our divisions are played off each other generating public turmoil, thus warranting government intervention which will manifest itself as a militarized police force, an obscene increase in "security measures," i.e. more TSA checkpoints and more cameras watching your every move, among countless other things, and a general increase in momentum of the campaign to infringe upon our rights and liberties. This is the agenda. Do we really want this? No. We want peace and freedom. So let’s not allow it to happen. Spread peace and love, my friends, don’t worry about the details. Politics and the media distracts. Theories distract. Words distract. Words limit us. Let your soul do the talking, and understand that the souls in others carry the same message as yours. Have faith in love and let yourself believe. Don’t worry about the details. Don’t worry about the details. Nothing matters but love.