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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Medical Fascism: Even Mere Discussion Of Natural Medicine Could Soon Be Illegal

 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
SOURCE: NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) With the FDA ramping up attacks on natural medicine companies, and social media giants like FB and Twitter increasingly censoring discussions about natural immunity and alternative medicine treatments, it seems to be only a matter of time before the totalitarian medical regime outlaws free speech about natural medicine.

That's the direction it's all heading, sadly. And there have already been efforts to criminalize online discussions of nutrition. For example, in North Carolina, this blogger was threatened with arrest and imprisonment for advocating the Paleo Diet in text he posted online. (Yeah, government bureaucrats want to make discussions of the Paleo Diet a CRIME!)

Today, Dr. Michael T. Murray, a fearless pioneer of the natural medicine movement, launches his Natural Medicine Summit. There are a thousand reasons to hear and absorb this information, but one of the most crucial reasons of all is that this information could be outlawed in the near future.

Mainstream media wages full assault on everything "natural"Under the system of totalitarian, monopolistic medicine that now dominates our society and economy, the relentless attacks on health and natural medicine have become increasingly insane and cult-like in their demands. For example, CNN recently ran a feature story attacking breastfeeding, claiming that calling breastfeeding "natural" might cause women to pursue other "natural" solutions that might drive them away from pharmaceuticals, GMOs and toxic vaccines (all of which CNN promotes).

In that story, CNN demanded that we stop calling breastfeeding "natural" while making sure that all children are injected with toxic chemicals in the form of vaccines. That's how insane the "anti-natural" propagandists have become: they even hate the word NATURAL, and they want women to think that "natural" is BAD!

Natural medicine now legitimately threatens the profit monopolies of the criminal pharmaceutical cartelsYet even as the anti-natural propagandists work their insidious linguistic voodoo to manipulate women away from health and wellness, the natural medicine movement now threatens the disease profit monopolies of the establishment medical system. Big Pharma's billions in profits are now at risk as a wave of people are waking up to the truth about natural medicine: It works better, safer and more affordably than toxic pharmaceuticals. And in some cases, you can even grow your own medicine that makes Big Pharma's toxic drugs totally obsolete.

Because of the mass awakening to natural medicine, the attacks on the industry will be heightened and made more extremist at every level. The establishment medical cartel will attempt every tactic imaginable to criminalize, intimidate and silence proponents of natural medicine as a way to safeguard their disease profit monopolies that literally depend on hundreds of millions of people remaining sick and diseased in order to lock in their profits.

The drug industry realizes that if people discover natural medicine and use it to prevent cancer, diabetes, dementia and heart disease, they don't need Big Pharma's toxic drugs anymore. And the industry loses trillions in long-term profits that depend on generation after generation of uninformed citizens being trapped in a cycle of sickness and degenerative disease.

That's why I encourage you to take very opportunity possible to learn about natural medicine right now, while we still have access to it. Learn which medicines work to prevent disease. Learn about natural interventions that can help reverse cancer and diabetes. Even discover how to grow your own medicine for a tiny fraction of the monopolistic prices being charged by the price gouging pharmaceutical industry (whose products are more likely to kill you than cure you).

You can tap into all this right now with Dr. Michael T. Murray's Natural Medicine Summit, which begins today.

Knowledge of natural medicine is freedom from medical oppressionThis invaluable, timeless collection of healing wisom represents far more than life changing knowledge on health transformation; it's a treasure of human knowledge that can quite literally set you free from the medical slavery of the drug cartels that depend on you remaining ignorant of natural medicine in order to reap their windfall of profits.

Learning the full truth about natural medicine is the greatest act of love and defiance you can express at this moment in medical history. Natural medicine is LOVE for your body and mind; and it's DEFIANCE against the system of corrupt disease profiteering that hopes to keep you trapped for life (while they extract money from your suffering).

Register right now for Dr. Murray's Natural Medicine Summit and you no longer have to live life as a victim of the harmful, dishonest pharmaceutical industry. You can right now tap into new options that you never knew existed, and you'll learn a wealth of life changing wisdom that the drug companies have gone to great lengths to make sure you never discover.

I'm sending you this urgent reminder because I know what's at stake. And I know how desperately the medical cartel is working right now to keep all the world's citizens trapped in a cycle of medical ignorance and pharmaceutical dependance. Yet, the forces of enlightenment and open source knowledge shall prevail, and it's precisely due to the efforts of people like Dr. Michael T. Murray that the profiteering drug cartels will ultimately crumble like the Berlin Wall.

Until that day comes, you owe it to yourself to become informed, awake and aware of how natural medicine can save your life, ignite your body's spontaneous healing and put you on a whole new path of lifelong wellness and joy.

Click here to register now. If you listen to the speakers in this summit, it will change your life forever.

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053301_internet_censorship_natural_medicine_nutritional_advice.html#ixzz436iy76oN