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Friday, January 10, 2014

David Icke and The People's Voice vs. Sonia Poulton - Why We Must Join Hands Rather Than Point Fingers

Amber Adams - Rising Life Media


There has been some recent drama involving The People's Voice around the departure of a former presenter, 
Sonia Poulton, who when asked to leave after being an ongoing disruptive force, immediately went on the attack making many slanderous, unfounded allegations via social media no professional journalist would ever make in the way she chose to do so. This leaves me wondering where Ms. Poulton’s heart really lies.

The valiant effort by a small number of people that started TPV is exemplary, buoyed by a remarkable, much needed service-to-others vision that holds the freedom and well-being of every single inhabitant on this planet at heart.

At this time in human evolution and unfolding potential, so close it can be felt by every open heart and open mind, there comes a choice point to consciously cast our egos away, to be the best we can be and reach for the stars, to let go of divisiveness and come together, united in love for all life. This choice point includes supporting visions like TPV and numerous others rapidly gaining momentum worldwide that simply want to see freedom, love, joy and truth prevail on this planet.

Truth matters. The truth of infinite consciousness is the purest love and truth there is. It is not a genie to be let out of the bottle and put back in when it suits us. The truth of manipulation and lies by forces opposed to the planetary embrace of this ultimate truth needs to be exposed for what it is.

Sonia Poulton - ex-TPV presenter
We need a free media to counter forces that would hold us back in insufferable limitation to keep this ultimate truth suppressed.

We need a free media that acknowledges and openly shares both lies and truth and a media that openly shares the ultimate truth, lovingly waiting for us to embrace it.

We are all on the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no man has gone before. Consciousness and Life are rising and the genie will not be held captive in its bottle much longer.

Let these words sink into your beautiful bigger-on-the-inside-than-the-outside hearts, dive into TPV for awhile if you haven’t already, not just for a show or two, but really dive in over time as it, too, continues to evolve and reach for the stars, and make it one of your very best friends. Judge for yourself then if you think and feel, as I do, that this is a key piece of a multi-layered path forward that is crucially needed, with a grand potential to assist in making known the heretofore unknown truth of consciousness in its full glory. In this ultimate expression of truth available to all, squabbles, egos, poverty, homelessness, violence, power manipulation, injustice and so much of the mire and muck we’ve been stuck in for millennia will no longer be tolerated or even possible.

David Icke - key founder of The People's Voice
While there in your heart, please also seriously consider reaching into your pocket or sponsorship and advertising budgets to help TPV financially so it can stay afloat and grow to be the important voice it needs to be and can be, representing all 8 billion people on this planet on the way to experiencing ultimate truth.

It has often been said that the world will change when people do. It really is up to us, always has been, and always will be, all 8 billion of us. It is time to choose: rock the planet with love and experience life beyond our wildest imaginations, taking action that comes from the heart, or not. It has always been that simple.

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