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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Resolution for Palestinian State Fails in Security Council

Three Israeli soldiers arrest a young Palestinian child

A United Nations Security Council draft resolution that set a deadline to establish a sovereign Palestinian state was defeated Tuesday night after it failed to receive the nine votes that are needed for adoption in the 15-member body.

The United States and Australia voted against the measure. France, China and Russia were among the eight countries that voted for it. Britain and four other nations abstained.

The draft resolution, which was introduced by Jordan on behalf of the Palestinians, sets a one-year deadline for negotiations with Israel, sets down targets for Palestinian sovereignty, including a capital in East Jerusalem, and “full and phased withdrawal of Israeli forces” from the West Bank by the end of 2017.

The defeat could potentially lead Palestinian officials to seek recognition in other ways — including by joining the International Criminal Court.

Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, said that the resolution was “deeply imbalanced” and set deadlines that did not adequately take account of Israel’s security needs.

“Today’s staged confrontation in the Security Council will not bring the parties closer to achieving a two-state solution,” she said.

Secretary of State John Kerry had sought to defer a vote on the resolution, which America and some of its European allies feared would inflame tensions before the Israeli elections that are scheduled for March and strengthen the position of Israeli hard-liners.

Jeff Rathke, a State Department spokesman, said that Mr. Kerry had called 13 ranking diplomats over the past two days to express his concerns about the measure.

While Mr. Kerry failed to get the vote deferred, he managed to line up enough abstentions so that the United States did not need to wield a veto to block the measure.

Jordan, which represents Arab countries on the Council, had earlier pushed for compromise language that would win the full support of the Council, but Arab diplomats ultimately backed the Palestinian bid to put it for a vote by the end of the year.

The Palestinian push reflects their mounting frustration with the American-brokered peace process and widening support from European lawmakers, who have voted in recent months to recognize a Palestinian state. The failed resolution, which was shared with Security Council members in mid-December and then toughened this week, also sets the stage for a sharp political confrontation before the Israeli elections in March.

“They had ample opportunity to engage and be part of this effort,” said the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour. “How long do we have to wait?”

The Palestinian leadership is to meet Wednesday in Ramallah and announce the next steps. “I.C.C. is clearly an option; I cannot say whether it will be approved,” Xavier Abu Eid, a spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization, said Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

200-year-old Drawings Depict Fallen Angels, Demons, the Antichrist

Francis Barrett’s pictures of fallen angels and demons remind me of a few recalcitrant boozers fleeing the bar on a Saturday night. The sketches were included in his bookThe Magus—a compendium of several esoteric books, most notably works by Cornelius Agrippa and Peter d’Abano—which was once considered a primary source for occult and ceremonial magic when it was first published in 1801. The book led to a revival of interest in spiritualism, magic and the occult and was a highly influential religious text on minds as diverse as Joseph Smith and his Church of Latter Day Saints, the Freemasons and occultist Eliphas Levi. 

Published over two volumes, The Magus begins with an introduction to “Natural Magic” which Barrett described as “a comprehensive knowledge of all Nature”:...by which we search out her secret and occult operations throughout her vast and spacious elaboratory; whereby we come to a knowledge of the component parts, qualities, virtues, and secrets of metals, stones, plants, and animals;

He goes on to discuss charms, amulets, “occult virtues,” and magic before giving a history and instruction on “alchymy” and the Philosopher’s Stone, and a long section on “The Celestial Intelligencer,” which primarily deals with talismanic magic. The second volume examines magnetism, the “Cabala” and ceremonial magic, the practice and composition of the “Magic Circle,” various rites and a word of warning to would-be adepts, before concluding with a brief history of key occultists—from Zoroaster to John Dee.

For those with an interest in such arcane writing, you can read the whole book here.



Friday, December 12, 2014

Evil Spiritual Forces Behind Sandy Hook Murders?

As the nation mourns the lives of the children and adults taken by the senseless killings in Newtown, Connecticut, many of us try to make sense of it.  Honestly, we probably never will make sense of it but human nature will drive us to search for answers.  This is what lead to my research of what I am about to present to you.
Many independent researchers have discovered many “coincidences” between “The Dark Knight Rises” and the murders in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut.  Quite, frankly they are strange indeed. Theories are presented and instantly attacked as insane thoughts of delusional people. In some cases, this is true; but, in this case: If the stars fit, you must not omit!
What if I told you in both of the above-mentioned massacres, “The Dark Rift” (the Galactic Plane) and specific star constellations which signify The Golden Gate of Heaven were configured in the skies for both massacres.  The Galactic Plane intersection between Scorpio and Sagittarius is needed to activate the Golden Gate of Heaven. How is it possible two separate mass murders would have nearly the same cosmic footprint left in the Heavens?

I would like to shift gears and submit: Could this in fact be a Spiritual War we are experiencing?  Were these murders carried out exactly at the right moment in order to harvest Souls?  Then the next question is: By whom? In my opinion I find it highly improbable “The Dark Rift” would be present for both massacres,  let alone the star configurations to the Golden Gate!  Let’s take a look at Ephesians 6:12.

Ephesians 6:12

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.
We are told there is an “unseen world” and it is a “dark world”, is there a relationship to “The Dark Rift?”  We are also told these “evil spirits” are in heavenly places.  We can all agree the Aurora and Newtown murders are evil.  Now we can see “The Dark Rift” was ready to receive these murdered Souls through the Golden Gate.  These murders all appeared to be intelligently designed to coincide with specific star configurations aligned with “The Dark Rift.”  Was this the “Soul Train” opportunistically available to receive the murder victims?
Perhaps, these killers were not crazy at all but were chosen by location for possession.  Who in their right mind would walk into a classroom of first grade students and execute them?  Maybe, someone possessed by an “evil spirit?” We have totally discounted the possibility a Spiritual War is at the core of these murders.  We certainly know the Golden Gate was ready to receive Souls over each of the cities at the time of the massacres.
It is highly improbable the same cosmic backdrop would be illustrated in the sky for both massacres. Also, what is the synchronous relationship to “The Dark Knight Rises?”  How is it possible “SANDY HOOK” would be on a map in the movie and in reality, Google Maps, is an overlay for this map?  Albeit,  the Google Map is not a perfect match nonetheless it is still uncanny.  There is an invisible architecture at work here which falls in line with the “unseen world” from Ephesians 6:12.
Play along with me and assume it is evil forces at work here.  They have the opportunity to commit perfect crimes. First, no one believes in their existence. Second, they are invisible. Third, they are serial killers who leave no clues except they have to work in conjunction with the Galaxy mechanics and specific star constellations.  It is this way they are able to capture their trophies through Celestial gates at specific times.
These evil forces carefully choose their locations and identify the Earth bound killers with meticulous precision.  Each of these Earth bound killers must meet a specific profile.  They must be Spiritually unaware, easily influenced, and Spiritually unprotected.  These Earth bound killers become the perfect candidates for possession. Once they are possessed they carry out nefarious plans to murder and harvest Souls under star configured gateways.  How else would the Golden Gate be present at two different massacres?

The term “possession” comes from the KJV translation of the word “daimonizomai.” This word is a verb that means, “to be under the power of a demon.”

Let’s take a look at Biblical symptoms of “possession” and see if any of the killers meet the profile:
  • Insanity
  • Self isolation
  • Self-mutilation
  • Supernatural strength
  • Inability to be reached by other people
  • Loss of being capable of being “in their right mind”
You have to agree based on the media coverage of James Holmes and Adam Lanza, both isolated themselves from people.  At what point did they stop having friends?  If you think about high school and college, birds of a feather flocked together.  Do you remember the: jocks, cheerleaders, chess club, student government, Dungeons & Dragons groups, etc?  Water finds its own level. At a certain point the alleged killers isolated themselves from other people.
It is safe to say you would have to be insane to walk into a first grade classroom and kill everything you see.  If you are a demon how do you top this one? Both of the killers had people who tried to get them medical attention and psychological interventions.  At a certain point people that cared about them said: “He needs help!”  The final and most important symptom is the loss of being capable of being “in their right minds.”  We all agree these killers could not have been in their right minds.
Do demons try to kill children? Most definitely, yes, and we need only to reference Mark 9:17-29.   These particular demons frequently tried to drown a boy, and throw him into a fire, in order to kill him.  So we do have an account where demons will kill children. Demons also appeared to have the ability to “see” inside a person.  They certainly appeared agitated when Jesus was approaching from afar, seemingly “knowing” Him from a distance, also demons could identify Christians who were servants of God, and those people who were not. This proves the Earthly killers could be carefully chosen.
In closing, we see Celestial evidence of nearly the same star configurations around “The Dark Rift” for both massacres in the towns of Aurora and Newtown.  A star configuration creating the Golden Gate known for harvesting Souls.  One killing spree was initiated in darkness (at night) and the other in the light (at daylight).  Both have a synchronicity with the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” where the killing spree was initiated at the opening of the movie and Sandy Hook is clearly on the map in the movie.  Furthermore,  the Google Map of the SANDY HOOK portion of the map is truly uncanny.
Perhaps, as we fight amongst ourselves, discriminate against one another, the evil forces of the unseen world are plotting the next mass murder and laughing all the way to the gate.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brain Food for ADHD

 | By Lori Hamann, M.S.E. - Livestrong
Brain Food for ADHD
Omega-3's are highly supportive of brain function and for quelling symptoms of ADHD. Photo Credit Fish oil vitamins by Stephen VanHorn
ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a mental health condition affecting adults and children. As its name suggests, ADHD is a disorder that compromises mental focus and concentration, impulse control, and activity levels. ADHD may become complicated as one ages, with older people with ADHD experiencing mood swings, low self-esteem, procrastination and anxiety. For those who are opposed to medical intervention, they can choose to manage ADHD symptoms with "brain food"--supplements and dietary enhancements to support brain function.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 is fatty acid that can be found in fish oil, krill oil, flax seed oil and some sources of food. Your body can't create it on it's own, so you must ingest it to maintain proper omega-3 saturation. Omega-3's are essential for overall body processes but are crucial to brain development and the restoration of neurotransmitter levels. Talk to your health care provider about proper dosing for your child, as there is no "set" dose, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Adults should take in no more than 3 g per day of essential fatty acids.


Individuals with ADHD have lower levels of magnesium than those who do not. Low magnesium can lead to irritability, sleep disturbances, hyperactivity and even aggressive behavior, according to Natural News.com. The site also states that "Magnesium is also a key factor in the production of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that provides a feeling of calm and well-being." Magnesium also calms the body, relaxes muscles and aids in digestion. You can choose to supplement with magnesium, or increase the amount of magnesium-rich foods in your diet. Foods like nuts, tofu, green vegetables, kelp and pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential to brain function, and can help calm symptoms of ADHD. It's knows as an anti-stress vitamin. It also supports the immune system, wards off depression and supports concentration. Progressive Health.com states, "Vitamin B6 is required for normal brain development and is essential in the synthesis of brain chemicals including serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine." You can supplement with B6, or a B complex vitamin--or seek foods that are rich in B vitamins such as tuna, banana or chicken.


5-HTP is short for 5-Hydroxytryptophan. It is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan, which is found in certain foods--like turkey and milk--or can be extracted from the seed of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. When ingested, 5-HTP it is converted to serotonin, says Nikki Jackson of Neurogistics.com. Proper serotonin levels are supportive of increased focus, concentration, memory and less impulsivity. Balanced ratios of inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters are important for optimum functioning, so talk to a health care practitioner before supplementing with 5-HTP.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital

by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News
Baby Levi

All three of their babies have been taken away from them and placed in the care of strangers. Levi was 10 months old when his mother, local singer and songwriter Erica May Rengo, gave birth to his twin brother and sister, at their home in Bellingham, Washington.

“Our birth was glorious,” she said, and the twins were reportedly healthy, full-term babies, who had no problem quickly figuring out how to breastfeed. The little family was overjoyed until CPS stepped in to “help.”

It is another medical kidnapping according to the parents. The Rengos have chosen a wholesome, holistic lifestyle, based in their Christian faith. But CPS has stepped in to override the parents’ decisions. Now Erica and Cleave are living what they call a nightmare, separated from their children for reasons that don’t make any sense at all to them.

Decision to Home Birth

It was only natural for Erica to choose normal, family-centered birth. Erica herself was born at home, and says that her mother was a homebirth educator and La Leche League leader (a world-wide support and education group for breastfeeding mothers). She and Cleave chose a birth-center birth with their first baby, but decided to birth at home the second time. She knew that her body was perfectly designed to work for birth. She believed this was the direction God was showing them for the birth. Erica was very careful during her pregnancy to watch her diet and exercise, in preparation for the birth. She read, researched, and prepared.

She describes her homebirth as “exquisite” and “empowering.” Morna Kai Grace and Daniel Clemente were born into their parents’ loving arms.

The birth was perfect. There were no complications with the birth or afterwards. But Erica and her husband Cleave had agreed to notify the local paramedics, in an effort to appease concerned family members who were fearful of their decision to birth at home. That is where their problems began.

Erica May 1
Baby Levi with mom Erica

The Medical System Gets Involved

Sometime after the babies arrived on October 2, paramedics arrived to find the twins nursing and everybody doing fine. The twins each weighed over 5 lbs, and the paramedics allegedly verified that everyone appeared healthy. The paramedics allegedly recommended that they go to the hospital for evaluation, which is standard procedure for EMTs.

The Rengos say they declined, telling them they didn’t want to expose their newborns to the dirty environment of the hospital. They were planning to follow recommendations they had found, which stated that newborn twins should stay home for the first six weeks of life, to give their immune systems the opportunity to build up.

CPS Shows Up

Because they chose not to go to the hospital at that time, the paramedics allegedly called CPS. A couple of social workers showed up the next day, and wanted to see all of the children. CPS told Erica that they were “here to help.” But Erica says that is not at all what happened.

When the social worker found some eczema on Levi’s skin Erica told her that she was treating it with some herbal remedies, including comfrey and calendula, as well as applying coconut oil and giving probiotics. She was also doing an elimination diet to try to locate what could be causing the skin condition. Even though it was in the healing process, the social worker became critical that Erica wasn’t treating his eczema with steroids, a treatment option that Erica wanted to save as a last resort because of the side effects. The CPS agent would later testify to the judge that Erica had neglected to treat him completely.

Even so, the eczema was the only thing wrong. Erica says, “right away they found out that the children were not in danger.” The twins were completely healthy; the house was clean; and there are no drugs or alcohol involved.
The Rengos agreed to take the children to a pediatrician, who said the babies were doing fine.  The only concern was that the twins were slow to gain weight. At the time, Erica was trying to maintain a supply for three breastfeeding babies. She says she followed the pediatrician’s advice to supplement with formula, and the babies promptly got back on track with weight gain.

This was allegedly verified by a nurse sent out by CPS to check on them.

Erica May and Cleave are holistic in their approach to life and health, preferring natural alternatives, like herbs and diet changes, to medicinal treatments. Those things appear to be options only if CPS is not involved.

CPS Takes Custody of Children

On November 6, CPS showed up at the front door while Erica was softly singing and playing her guitar to her resting babies. When she checked the door, they told her that they were there to take her children, citing neglect for not giving Levi steroids for his eczema, and the home-birth without medical prenatal care with the twins, as well as the allegations of abuse, accusations which Erica had already assured them were completely unfounded. She also had prenatal care, just not with a doctor.

With one baby on her back, the frightened mother fled out the back door with her children to a neighbor’s house, but police and CPS “hunted her down,” and took all three breastfed babies from their mothers’ arms. The twins were 5 weeks old.

Erica broke down into sobs as I spoke with her. “My children were safe and healthy with me.” Since they have been taken by CPS, Daniel has reportedly had pneumonia, and Levi has reportedly been diagnosed with “behavioral problems” because he screams and cries all the time.

He is screaming, Erica says, because he wants his mom and dad.

Why Are Children with No History of Abuse Being Taken Away from Loving Parents for Medical Reasons?

Children who have not been abused in any way have been taken by CPS from loving parents for reasons so flimsy that it has left the Rengos and their friends stunned. Several of their friends write that Erica is “a great mama.”

“This is not the right thing to do to mothers and children,” Erica emphasizes. “If they thought we needed help, they should have brought help in, not taken the children out. They have suffered and I have suffered since our separation.”

Erica feels that she and her children are being abused by the system. When they separate babies from their loving mothers, she says “they are dehumanizing people. The outcome of that is so much worse than any kind of dispute for medical reasons.”

Cleave and Erica were supposed to have their visitation with their children on Monday, but there wasn’t a social worker available to supervise the visit. Levi’s first birthday is on Black Friday. The day will be black for Erica and Cleave, but for very different reasons than the holiday retailers. They will miss their first child’s first birthday because CPS won’t have any workers available to supervise a visit that day either.

The Stressful Separation of Infants from Parents

Erica is a brokenhearted postpartum mother who wants nothing more than to be at home with all of her children by her side. Research shows that infants do not comprehend separation from their mother; they feel abandoned when they aren’t with her. Has it really come to the point where CPS can justify the emotional trauma to the children simply because parents don’t choose to follow every recommendation of the medical associations?
In President Obama’s immigration speech last week, he asked, “Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms? Or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?”

Yet it is this very nation whose Child Protection Service agencies have ripped tiny babies from their parents’ arms simply for the crime of disagreeing with a medical decision. If this could happen to a family who has only sought the most natural of care, then whose children are safe from CPS? Should this type of medical tyranny be tolerated?

Erica May and Cleave Rengo face a court date on December 2. They don’t know what they will face then. Supporters are hoping that their story will be shared far and wide, and their children can be returned home quickly.

The Governor of Washington is Jay Inslee. His office number is 360-902-4111. You can email him from here.
Read the full article and comment at MedicalKidnap.com.

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