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Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the Role of Technology in the Spiritual Awakening Process

Action is a result of impatience. I have taken action.

I have lost patience with humanity and am now reaching out in an effort to justify my lingering hope. I have lost patience with playing the idle observer, witnessing the mass deterioration of a race once connected with the life-giving force that has enabled all of the highly-revered “technological advancements” to exist in the first place. The effect is horrendous to witness and as an ambassador of the open mind, I cannot bear to passively concede to further destruction without personal intervention. Whether the world chooses to listen and to heed the warnings is a matter that will ultimately spell out the “future” (to use a five-sense illusionary term), and the ways in which we will view progress. When we, as a species extremely capable of returning to an enlightened existence, begin to finally see beyond the façade of the asinine “real world” mind view, a spectrum of ideas extremely more vital to our benefit will become apparent. The old, worn proposal of advancement within the confines of the physical realm will be seen as inconsequential while the greater spiritual evolution will lead us collectively into peace and vitality. Prosperity will be redefined by this astounding new consciousness. But if humanity fails to take notice, the control system will continue to tighten its grip and the severance between man and the Creator will further expand, ultimately introducing a greater amount of negativity into the human experience.

Before one should enthusiastically jump at the chance to point out that which, to the monomaniacal spectator, appears to be hypocrisy on my end, let me state that I in fact do not undervalue the importance of technology in the grand undertaking of spiritual evolution. The current stage of our existence is primarily, and sadly, defined by the elements widely understood as “physical” while all matters “spiritual” take a back seat in the construct of importance. A positive change from our limited state to a higher level of awareness must implement patience, broad understanding, and careful planning on the end of the truth-speaker. To aid in mankind’s transition from this “five-sense dominant” world view to a new and boundless consciousness, one must undertake the task with consideration to how the world currently perceives reality. The key lies in bridging the gap between the narrow-minded version of the physical world and the reality of infinite consciousness with a smooth and logical transition.

 As parents often adopt a “baby voice” in order to communicate effectively with their young, so must I assume a mode of interaction to which the present society can relate. This is where technology begins to play a critical role in the dissemination of important evolutionary messages. By utilizing current means of mass communication such as social media networking sites, for example, one is able to connect with a broad audience allowing for this “spiritual information” crucial to our evolution to flow amongst the masses effectively. As millions of individuals partake in such networking tools as Facebook and Twitter, it would be foolish not to utilize these devices to spread awareness — to spread positivity.

 Let it be noted, however, that the idea of employing such technology for positive purposes is not reason enough to justify their existence; rather, it is a timely means to an end for awakening the world from the hypnotic trance bestowed upon it (us) by these same inventions. The bottom line is that technology, when used as a vehicle for leisure, provides endless distraction in addition to mental stultification. This is most obvious in the case of the internet. Disorders that affect attention span can likely be attributed in large part to the rapid shifting of subject matter associated with the “sensory-overload” nature of advertisements, entertainment sources and other leisure-centered, mind-numbing presentations of distraction found on the web.

 One needn’t look further than the mental sedatives such as “Mafia Wars,” “Angry Birds,” “Farmville” and so forth to observe the corruption at work. Technology has overstepped its bounds as a means of aiding humanity’s overall well-being and has instead entered the realm of discord. The concept of “leisure” resulting from the void left in the wake of technology’s replacement of man’s primordial labors to survive has created damaging, acid-lined pitfalls that are corroding the minds of the youth and adults alike. Your brains are not only disarmed but encouraged to fall asleep under the predictable, one-track, drone-like “A + B = C and absolutely nothing else” mentality. The concept of a theoretical “X” as a solution, explanation or even idea is seen as far-fetched and extreme when subject to the standards we now consider “usual.” It is sadly acceptable in today’s society, for example, to whore one’s senses to the control system while the large corporations behind much of their affluence capitalize on the opportunity to control both one’s mind as well as his money. It is grand-scale masochism at its most perverse.

 Ultimately, hope is drowning under the waves of the senses. People who speak out in regards to the dangers of technology best be mindful of the delicate nature of such claims; the majority of technology’s victims have been manipulated well beyond the realm in which the truth can be comprehended in the manner it is meant to. The need to see to believe is enforced by the illusion that having access to a plethora of information via the internet is this era’s token strongpoint. The control system has created such a meticulous structure of illusion that even otherwise “intelligent” people fall under the spell and attribute fact-based knowledge with being open-minded. The idea of “proof” as the be-all, end-all for what can be branded as “real” within the already limited worldview upheld by society has bred a devastatingly boring, rigid new herd of Doubting Thomases — with technology rightfully accountable for much of the blame.


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