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picture of forest
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the Evolution of Impatience and Science as the Great Distractor

It troubles me greatly to witness the world straying farther and farther away from its natural origins. Humanity has become immersed in the technological while losing touch with the sources that have provided the means for these “advances” from the start. It is simultaneously ironic, sad, and frustrating, being one of the few who is open enough to the truth vibrations, to see this transition for what it really is. What has long been widely regarded as progress could in fact be much more accurately described as transgression. We have lost our way while searching for what was never lost in the first place.

One needn’t look further than the idea of impatience. Take it back to the foundation — the core of human biopsychology — and take into consideration the chemical reactions, synapse firing, and biological responses to environmental stimuli that make us perform action.

Action, in the context of being unprovoked by nature, is a result of impatience. Impatience is a character flaw. It is an ill that is simple to dissect, and thankfully curable. We have created a void between man and the Origin — the God, Creator, Universe and Source — and, out of confusion (along with sly trickery of the control system), have proceeded to fill this void with nonsense. The key is to ultimately remove one’s focus from the earthly distractions and rediscover the infinite bliss of a spiritually enlightened existence.

As a product of our environment we have reaped the benefits of the natural world, customized these bounties to fit each individual need, and thus began a process of corruption. We have, rather than learning to peacefully coexist with naturally-occurring obstacles, instead took an offensive position, seeking the suppression of these demands on ourselves by means of technology and the sciences. We bastardized the beautiful idea of “creation” by using it interferingly to throw the natural order of the Universe out of balance. What had once been an innocent and admirable series of astounding breakthroughs in the ways of survival by our primitive ancestors have since evolved into a cyclical trap of the desire to possess more and more. This is both the explanation and the confirmation of the negative forces, i.e. what has over time been referred to as “original sin,” Satan, greed, and so forth.

The will of our ancestors to create for survival has been distorted over the years as old burdens became lighter, offering greater room for distraction to fill the void. The distractions became increasingly prominent as technology further separated the gap between man and God, and the old wisdom of our fathers was replaced by the growing idea of leisure.

Spirituality took a back seat while we allowed the illusions of the physical world to seduce our already weakening souls.

Finally, we reach the present age in which technological advancement has approached the sinful arena of not only enforcing but providing these distractions. The high-speed internet connections, the app-ridden smart phones, the Venti Mocha Frappuccinos — distractions, distractions, and more distractions — keep the terrible void expanding at a mockingly rapid pace. Survival is now defined by bandwidth, satellite reception, and calorie counting. We have inherited the will to survive but it has instead been deviously twisted into the drive to simplify.

We are simplifying our minds via access to immediate answers thus eliminating many integral thought processes. We are simplifying our social lives with non-verbal interaction, creating miscommunication, awkwardness, and the deterioration of intimacy. We are simplifying our bodies by developing a confusing cultural construct that regards appearance as central while catering to gluttony within the same spectrum. Thus we have become slaves to our own loss of control. To simplify is to desecrate. We are the creators of laziness.

During this deterioration process we have severed many crucial ties, whether one cares to believe it or not. Like the destruction of the synaptic firing of neurons we have essentially provoked the “brain damage” between man, plant, and animal by submitting to the control system and are now suffering the consequences.

For the left-brained, science-minded, see-it-to-believe-it blowhards, the idea of a higher power and a higher purpose that transcends the limitations of what can be explained by “proof” or “theorem” is foreign, unusual and even terrifying. Spirituality is seen as merely metaphorical. They want nothing to do with it because they themselves haven’t yet found their way home. All in due time, I truly hope.

Based on the premise that none of us can truly be at fault for these possible negative thought patterns, as products of immeasurable and unavoidable environmental circumstances, I can fully understand why it is so difficult for these types of people to grasp such simple, natural ideas. It has been bestowed upon them, as with all of us, at birth and their spiritual eyes have never fully adjusted to see beyond the illusionary façade. They instead focus upon the denser, more easier-to-perceive “reality” that we experience through the filters of the five senses. The sixth sense, the spiritual, that actually allows us to see beyond the illusion, falls to the wayside while being dismissed as illusionary! It is truly a paradox too saddening to be considered ironic.

The five senses, though extremely wonderful in their own right, are being abused and desecrated by today’s corrupt lifestyle. The sacred elements of patience, sacrifice, and moderation are the amalgam from which the spirit grows and peace blossoms. Only during the moments when the three of these are practiced in conjunction can we reach our potential. Obeying this higher order will result in a life of understanding. Refusing to listen, to wait, or to sacrifice will only lead to a deeper frustration amongst a great sea of unanswered questions. This is ultimately the action that impatience yields.

Because so few humans have successfully been able to return to an enlightened understanding, we have developed science as the five-sense equivalent of enlightenment.   Science was invented to explain, as the need for explanation is a result of unanswered questions. As I previously stated, unanswered questions are the outcome of impatience. If we as a society learn to quiet ourselves, we will hear all that needs to be heard.

We will learn that cares involving the established version of “reality” are irrelevant and thus many worries will be dropped.

We will learn that the act of probing the Universe for answers will only kick up more dust around ourselves during the process, perilously disorienting our direction towards enlightenment. After all, enlightenment is that which science has set out to seek in the first place, only in the wrong way. Enlightenment is answer, the one and only answer that matters — the Universe in harmony.


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