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Monday, August 12, 2013

Yahoo! Unveils New Logo: Illuminati Symbols Abound

Yahoo! has launched a campaign leading up to the introduction of their new logo. The "30 Days of Change" publicity campaign offers Yahoo! visitors a chance to see a unique logo design each day until the unveiling of the new official Yahoo! logo on September 5.

On Monday August 12, Yahoo! was brazen enough to feature a very Illuminati-oriented logo design on their website. The logo can be viewed below:

Yahoo! logo features Satanic pyramid and All-Seeing Eye

As far as Illuminati imagery is concerned, this one leaves little to the imagination. The 'a' in 'Yahoo!' is represented by what is clearly a play on the Luciferian and Freemasonic unfinished pyramid and capstone, as seen on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States (the back of the dollar bill).

The first 'o' in the company name is tailored to give the appearance of an eye, a.k.a. the All-Seeing Eye or the Eye of Ra. This is an extremely Satanic symbol, as is the pyramid and capstone. For more information on the history of these occult symbols as well as how they play a part in the global conspiracy, read the works of author and speaker David Icke and watch his speeches (many of which are available on Youtube). Icke has been researching the Illuminati for 30 years and has written 19 books on the subject detailing their sinister agenda and how its many components affect our lives and our planet. 

David Icke

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