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Monday, July 13, 2015

LEAKED VIDEO: Rage Ensues As Bohemian Grove Member Refuses To Partake In Ritual

Pat Stonewall
Vanguard Media

From the video description: 'Video with details originally uploaded by now defunct channel "Yurisnznam33" on Jul. 7, 2015 - depicted is an argument between three men, possibly Freemasons, robed in ceremonial attire. One, addressed in the video by the cameraman as "Jeffrey," appears to have been enraged by the implications of the "Corpse of Care" ritual they were apparently about to perform. Both the cameraman and the ranking Mason attempt to stall his departure, albeit within the context of a heated argument. At one point the cameraman (unidentified) tries to console "Jeffrey" apparently in hopes that he might continue to carry out his orders in the ritual, citing an undisclosed "Family" trip to take place in North Carolina within the coming days. "Jeffrey" adamantly refuses to participate, stating that he did not "make a deal to ************" (this portion along with two other brief moments of dialogue had been censored by "Yurisnznam33") It is unclear what he was referring to as the contents had been obscured by censorship. At the end of the clip "Jeffrey" is seen standing next to what is apparently a pool or spa apparatus of which he submerses his head. It is assumed that he had attempted to drown himself as the cameraman, clearly shocked at the sight, loses control of the camera before the clip ends. There are no further details concerning the video at this time. According to "Yurisnznam33" all three persons in the video were members of Bohemian Grove and the video was filmed on site. No full identities are confirmed at this time but "Yurisnznam33" had suggested that there is reason to believe that "Jeffrey" may in fact be a banker (name withheld) from Long Island, New York.'

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