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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mysterious "Victorian" Figure Sighted in Closed Wal-Mart in California

Sarah McConnell
The Daily Source

Mystery surrounding the coincidental closings of five major Wal-Mart superstores across the United States continues to grow as recent footage from within one of the stores appears to depict a strange figure crossing between a row of aisles in an area closed off to the public.

The video, uploaded by Youtube user DAHBOO77, contains footage sent to him from a contact known only as "Stephanie" who was able to infiltrate the Wal-Mart in Pico Rivera, California and record a brief glimpse beyond the makeshift barricades that had been set up to obstruct the view of the store's interior. A still shot of the location can be viewed at the video's 0:23 mark in which the figure can clearly be seen staring at the camera.

The mysterious figure appears to be a male dressed in full Victorian-era attire, complete with top hat, scarf, and blue suede overcoat. 

Quickly making the rounds to the far corners of the internet, speculation has already arisen that the figure may in fact have inter-dimensional origins: "There is now reason to believe that what they are doing in these Wal-Marts involves occult rituals and the summoning of otherworldly entities," states internet commenter Jeremy Laughlin. "I know it sounds crazy but from an energetic sense it is entirely possible that portals to other dimensions of time and space can be activated via rituals... perhaps that the man in the video (is) from there. [sic]"

Others have shared in the theorizing that what is taking place may in fact be of a nefarious nature. John Colbine of Pierz, Minnesota states on Facebook: "I wouldn't be surprised if they are connecting a subterranean tunnel system in these Wal-Marts. Anyone who knows anything about the corporate connections to FEMA and the New World Order plan for a massive cull of the population would definitely admit that there is something sketchy going on here. Nothing adds up."

Though the company has stated that the store closures are due to extensive plumbing issues that are scheduled to take place over the course of the next six months, many former Wal-Mart employees are not buying it. Some have suggested that the closures are "retaliatory," conjecturing that their involvement with OUR-Walmart, an employee benefits advocacy group, is the real reason behind the closures. 

Several alternative media outlets have confirmed that none of the alleged plumbing permits have been purchased in the respective towns in which the work would be taking place. A number of industrial plumbing specialists have also come forward to declare that even in a worst-case scenario the entire plumbing structure of a Wal-Mart superstore would take nowhere near six months to fix.

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