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picture of forest
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Monday, March 17, 2014

I Can't Believe This Is Not Photoshopped...How They Created It Blew My Mind!

24 Brilliant Ways Street Artists Make Damaged Cities Beautiful Again

5. Cracks in the pavements are filled in with colorful crocheted yarn.

048_1336Source: flickr.com

8. Some artists temporarily fill potholes with really unusual things to add a sense of humor to the wreckage.

035_beautifiedcity-231Source: mypotholes.com

9. Chipped concrete streets and walls are turned into positive messages and playful silhouettes of animals.

035_beautifiedcity-261Source: facebook.com

10. Cartoony drawings that look like they're interacting with chips and cracks are added to make the shabby environment seem more whimsical.

035_beautifiedcity-291Source: facebook.com

13. There truly is nothing that googly eyes can't make better. That's why people across the globe are participating in an "eyebombing" movement.

035_beautifiedcity-411Source: eyebombing.com

15. Abandoned buildings and underpasses are decorated with anamorphic illustrations.

035_beautifiedcity-471Source: facebook.com
035_beautifiedcity-541Source: illusion.scene360.com
"Georges Rousse invented a unique approach that shifted the relationship of painting to space. He began making installations in the types of abandoned or derelict buildings that have long held an attraction for him—creating ephemeral, one-of-a-kind artworks by transforming these sites into pictorial spaces that are visible only in his photographs."

16. 3D optical illusions are painted on streets, inviting pedestrians to interact and take pictures.

035_beautifiedcity-561Source: mymodernmet.com

17. Countless knitters and crocheters put down their battle-needles to join forces and create gigantic cozies for trees, street poles, and any sort of public structure they come across in a movement known as "yarn bombing."

035_beautifiedcity-611Source: knitsforlife.com

19. Chandeliers are placed on streetlights to make the neighborhood a little more fancy.

beautifiedcity-70Source: juxtapoz.com

23. Sometimes real architecture isn't as pretty as imagined buildings, so artists get creative and visually transform the standing edifices into more welcoming and imaginative versions of themselves.

035_beautifiedcity-821Source: commons.wikimedia.org

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