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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama Puts Chinese Military in Hawaii for Training

Barack Obama is allowing to put Communist Chinese military troops in Hawaii and Americans are concerned. The Obama administration U.S. Army will host the Communist Peoples Republic of China’s Army on American soil Nov. 12-14, 2013 with the reason given as, “Simulating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to a fictional third country”, reported Canada Free Press.

Americans nationwide feel betrayed again by Obama. The USA has always opposed Communist China since they oppose God, God’s unalienable rights, the Constitution and Americans.
Critics say that Obama is a Communist. They point to massive “government” expansion, the “government” buying out industries, Obama harming the USA’s economy with the biggest debt in history and Obama mocking God and Americans by placing a “Christmas” ornament of mass murderer’s Mao Tse Tung on the White House Christmas tree in 2009.
Senator Rand Paul, who is growing in popularity for President, helped expose Obama funding Al Qaeda in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other places. Defending Christians Paul says no tax dollars for persecuting Christians in this video.
“Obama commits treason. In God we trust to protect the USA,” said a Tea Party activist.
Christians are crying out to God daily for a Christian Government to immediately replace Obama and those disobeying God based on what God says to do in Judges 3:9.
A made in China dog treat recently killed hundreds of dogs in the USA.
As a violation of the Constitution and the War Powers Act, this video shows the Obama administration via Leon Panetta saying that the military doesn’t need to seek Congress for approval for war, but foreigners.
- See more at: http://www.usanewsfirst.com/2013/11/09/obama-puts-chinese-military-troops-in-hawaii-for-training/#sthash.amK8ZQx6.dpuf

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