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picture of forest
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Despite Struggling Economy, DARPA Unveils Sinister New Robot - Your Tax Dollars at Work

"The beginning stages of the global Elite’s visions for 'robots to hunt down humans like a pack of dogs' are becoming a reality. These robots will be armed and autonomous. Their cranium sensors will be able to 'detect human breath and the radio waves associated with a human heart beat.'
A force of robotic 'peacekeepers' that are programed to become violent without remorse – will enable the government to organize and act where human law enforcement may hesitate." - Susanne Posel

The following is a video released on Thursday October 3, 2013 by Boston Dynamics (DARPA subsidiary) showcasing the extremely sinister 'Wildcat.' Wake up and spread the word, please, to everyone you know. Share this article. Stand together in peace, love, and positivity. Awaken.

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