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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Breaking Bad: Illuminati to Officially Reveal Themselves in Final Episode, Says Production Insider

Richard Host

The cover may finally be blown for the Illuminati elite and the timing could not be better. After following a series of leads we were able to track down Andrew McGovern, former script analyst for AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad who recently resigned after having been introduced to the apparently “shocking” content of the series’ final installment. He has since come forward to expose what he knows about the final episode of Breaking Bad, sharing with us what could potentially be the biggest story in television history, not least the history of the world as we know it, should his information prove to be valid. The information he has relayed to us is indeed astounding.

“The ring of elite families that control just about every aspect of what happens on our planet — who many refer to as the Illuminati — will officially reveal themselves in the final episode,” McGovern informs us. “They are using an extremely popular television show as a platform to announce their sovereignty. The final episode will reveal everything… Whether you watch the show or not, [sic] you will undoubtedly hear about it on the news. This will be everywhere. It is beyond what the common person has the capacity to wrap their minds around… It is more than anyone will be able to digest.”

The episode, set to air September 29 at 9/8c on AMC, will open within the context of the established storyline, says McGovern, but in a sudden and startling about-face, the actors will immediately drop out of character and address the camera, proceeding to offer monologues for the remaining forty minutes of the show detailing the apparent extraterrestrial origins of life on Earth, how these origins have dictated the evolution of society’s unspoken caste system, and introducing the timetable in which the main aspects of “new world order” policies will be implemented.

Character Walter Jr. wearing a shirt that blatantly features the Satanic "All-Seeing Eye" on the set of Breaking Bad
The episode will also feature a flashback montage where various memorable scenes from earlier moments in the show’s history are analyzed by the actors (out of character) in terms of subliminal messages having to do directly with the Satanic “new world order” and energy manipulation via Masonic symbols and a slew of arcane double entendres including the frequently-cited example where character Walter Jr. is clothed in a shirt blatantly emblazoned with a pyramid and accompanying All-Seeing Eye of Ra.

Throughout this segment, the actors will describe precisely how society has been duped into spiritual subservience by way of symbols and mantras, offering no apology on behalf of the global elite which they represent. In fact, one actor goes as far as to cruelly mock the audience for its ignorance and naivety, stating that it is precisely such imbecilic behavior and narrow-mindedness that has enabled the Illuminati to both acquire and retain their power position. He drives the point home at the conclusion of his speech by thanking the audience for their “ceaseless energy supply” and for remaining a “divided herd.”

Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception
McGovern recalls the particularly notable scene from season 6 where main character Walter White argues with his wife Skyler about the possibility of him being in danger. It is in this scene that White delivers the famed line, “I am the one who knocks,” after describing a scenario in which a man is shot upon answering his door. Fans of the series will be quick to draw the connection between White’s line and the murder of character Gale Boetticher, but, according to McGovern’s insider knowledge, the “door” that is referenced is actually a veiled allusion to Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, a firsthand account of a mescaline trip that brought the author through a metaphysical doorway into the “Otherworld,” i.e. the parallel and alternate dimensions of the Universe. It is through these “doors” that inter-dimensional beings manipulate the outward realities of what we experience on this plane — the Third Density — of waking life.

The character of Walter White is thus laying the groundwork for these reptilian entities, who apparently possess those of the human-extraterrestrial hybrid bloodlines — the Illuminati, to be fully acknowledged in the public light. The act of “knocking” on the inter-dimensional doorway from outside this dimension, as these beings do, is for the sole purpose of establishing a connection between our world and theirs should we answer, thus allowing the manipulation of the Third Density to be performed on an even grander scale and possibly enabling these reptilian demonic entities to manifest, physically, in our dimension.

Such manipulation is accomplished through ritualistic utilization of energy-harnessing symbols, better known as subliminal messages and essentially “logos,” inasmuch as we understand them to be, as symbolic representations of some force or entity. This is why, as McGovern points out, you will often find reoccurring themes when analyzing the logos of various corporations.
Fidelity Investments - one example out of many in which
the pyramid  is utilized as a logo
“The pyramid symbol, for instance, is something we see everywhere. It has a very specific energy field attached to it… When that energy field is given a vibrational attribution such as fear or negativity through the spells and witchcraft that corporations, and in this case the film industry partake in, the pyramid can then be used to both emit those negative vibrations upon all who view the symbol while ‘sucking up’ the viewer’s positive energies at the same time. When you begin to consider the extreme implications of this concept, it becomes quite apparent why certain addictions like television are so difficult to conquer. It is, at its core, an issue of energy manipulation.”

Artist's rendition of reptilian beings
McGovern claims to have brushed shoulders on a daily basis during his work on the show with so-called “hybrids,” most notably referred to as “reptilians” or “reptoids” within the conspiracy theory underground. He has seen colleagues shape-shift from their human form into lizard-like alien beings, and is hardly alone in witnessing these often terrifying experiences, as the research of author and speaker David Icke would suggest. Icke has written over 16 books exposing the reptilian agenda and the vast global conspiracy, most notably his Human Race, Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More in which these topics are discussed at length. (Learn more: http://www.davidicke.com)  

“After this episode airs,” McGovern predicts, “there will be no doubt in the skeptics’ mind that these reptilian entities do in fact exist and that they are in complete control of our world leaders.”

McGovern states that he has no regrets in speaking out against the Illuminati. Rather, he is enthusiastic about beating them to the punch. “I’ve sat back and witnessed Satanic rituals unfold in front of me for long enough... A few nights ago the thought crossed my mind that if no one ever speaks out, nothing will ever be done about it.”

Although numerous emails and phone calls were made, no other Breaking Bad personnel could be reached for further comment.

Breaking Bad airs tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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